Lunchtime Sandwiches and lighter meals

Typical Lunch Time Light Bites

Available most days,in addition to our normal.(no hot snacks Sundays) Menu

Hot Snacks

Macaroni cheese, cheddar & chive crunch, garlic bread £9

Smoked haddock, spring onion & cheddar risotto, poached egg & chives £13

Shedded duck leg & vegetable noddle stir fry & hoisin sauce £13

Home Baked Ham, free range eggs & chunky chips £13

Freshly baked mixed grain BAGUETTES, or Hobbs House 'Bakers Boys' granary sliced

All served with homemade coleslaw & crisps

Tuna mayo & cheddar cheese melt (Baguette only) £9
Home baked, Devon cured Ham, tomato & Dijon mustard £9
Local made Coastal Cheddar & ale chutney £9
Hot roast pork with stuffing & apple sauce £9
Tuna mayo & salad £9